Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Rare Bird Sighting


This Yellow-headed Blackbird was found in Boone
County, Indiana.  Photographed by WVAS's Marty
Jones on April 18, 2011.  

Rare Whooping Crane Sighted East of Terre Haute

Whooping Crane #W1-06 is the first wild-hatched chick in the eastern migratory population and the first to complete a roundtrip migration by following her parents.  Read more about the history of this bird including its recent visit to the Terre Haute area by clicking on the following link: Vigo County Whooping Crane

The Passenger Pigeon

The passenger pigeon needs no protection. Wonderfully prolific, having the vast forests of the North as its breeding grounds, traveling hundreds of miles in search of food, it is here today and elsewhere tomorrow, and no ordinary destruction can lessen them, or be missed from the myriads that are yearly produced.
- Report from a select committee of the Ohio Senate in 1857 on a bill proposed to protect the Passenger Pigeon. The last known representative of the species -- named Martha -- died in captivity in the Cincinnati Zoo on September 1, 1914.  

This Passenger Pigeon was caught in Wayne County Indiana in 1869.  The drop in their population was well under way by the 1850's.  This mount is on display at the Indiana State Museum, 650 West Washington Street in Indianapolis. 


Photo by Marty Jones.  
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